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Keeping it real

Keeping it real

When ArtSystems’ Digital Application Specialist, Charlotte Crampton, was tasked with refreshing the company’s demo suite and reception area to better reflect the Nottingham-based distributor’s portfolio. She chose the theme of ‘real world signage’. The result provides a state-of-the-art workflow masterclass.

Charlotte explained, “When resellers bring their customers here they are interested in discovering how the media, machinery and tools we recommend can be used to create sign and graphic displays simply and easily. They want to see a smooth workflow that quickly connects all the dots while providing a beautiful end result, something practical that still has that essential ‘WOW’ factor. We wanted our reception area and demo suite to better demonstrate how signmakers can unleash their creativity in a consistent and cost-effective way.

“ArtSystems portfolio of products has been chosen to reflect the best available tools and materials on the market today, products that offer simplified workflow, stunning outcomes, and a fast return on investment. The new displays are designed to prove these products work in the real world, while also showing how they can provide a genuine competitive edge.”

Charlotte describes the displays thus: “The England Rugby Rose uses brushed Dibond, printed using the HP Scitex FB750 industrial UV printer, with registration marks created using an ONYX RIP. The finished design was cut using the router tool on a flatbed Summa F1612. I chose that particular logo because I knew the colours would look vibrant – and because Dibond lettering is always asked for during demonstrations.

“Light boxes can be tricky for people with limited experience in signage fabrication, so I created the Lost City Golf light box to show how easy it can be. I used 5mm foam PVC, again printed on the FB750 using the ONYX RIP before being cut on the Summa F1612. I applied Neschen Solvoprint Citilight Superior backlit film to the rear of the front PVC panel to disperse the LED light and avoid banding. The result was simple to create and looks stunning, while also using minimal materials.”

She continued, “In the reception area I wanted to showcase more ‘real world signage’, starting with the ArtSystems’ acrylic sign which was reverse printed using the FB750 before we flooded the back with white. The brilliant ONYX RIP simplified and speeded up the process of precision colour management and profiling, to ensure the quick and accurate printing of the shape and colour of the logo. Finally, the sign was cut on the Summa F1612 and I deliberately left the acrylic unflamed to show customers the extraordinary quality of finish they get straight from the router.

“For my demonstration of wall signage I wanted the end result to look subtle, but still have distinctive texture. I chose to construct the display using words associated with everything in the graphics sector, starting with three main headings cut from 10mm foam PVC – HP, Summa and ONYX. I then used varying thicknesses of foam PVC around the main headings to create words associated with them. Everything was cut using the routing tool on the Summa F1612 and I’m really pleased with the result.”

Charlotte concluded the tour with her favourite sign. “Have a nice day – this is my favourite because I was the first person to cut artificial grass on the Summa F1612. The word ‘Nice’ is layered using foam board for lightness and has a top layer of artificial grass cut using the Summa’s pneumatic oscillating tool (POT). I fitted LED lights around the edge of the sign to represent sunshine. These are powered by a big battery for which I cut a hole in the back of the foam board – so it’s easy to get to when it needs charging. We added a motion sensor so that when someone walks by, the lights come on, and then turn off again to save battery power. Around the outside of the sign I placed the words ‘have a’ and ‘day’. These were printed onto Neschen’s repositionable Solvoprint Easy Dot White-Out, high opacity monomeric PVC, using the HP L570, and the result looks great. The colour glows – optimised using the ONYX RIP – and this time cut on the Summa S2 Tangential contour cutter. The result was so good we used the same process to add some daisies and bees for the perfect finishing touch.

“ArtSystems is about helping resellers create long-lasting business partnerships with creative people. These new displays demonstrate that creativity can no longer be held in check by the limitations of the materials and machines. The question is no longer ‘What can I do?’ It is ‘What do I want to create today?’ Contact your reseller and come see for yourselves.”

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