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LOCTITE 401 adhesive combines ease, speed and aesthetics

LOCTITE 401 adhesive combines ease, speed and aesthetics
When the thick bond lines and slow curing speed of a high-viscosity silicone rubber adhesive (RTV) that was being used to bond aluminium letters to PVC signboards both slowed production and caused aesthetic issues for a retail sign manufacturer, the company turned to LOCTITE 401, which proved to be an instant fix for both problems.

Also known as a cyanoacrylate, this type of adhesive is ideal for bonding small to medium-sized parts, as it provides fast cure speeds and excellent bond strengths on a wide variety of substrates, including metals, plastics and elastomers.

In fact, LOCTITE 401 has proved to be particularly successful for this type of application because it is specially formulated for use with difficult-to-bond materials that require uniform stress distribution and high tensile and/or shear strength. Further, fixture speed is just five seconds, with a full cure being achieved in 24 hours. For sign manufacturers, this means that assembly is quick, clean and efficient and its strength rating of 19,995 kPa (2,900 psi) ensures the durability of the bond.

In addition, not only does LOCTITE 401 cure considerably more quickly than the RTV, it only requires the application of a few small drops on each sign letter and light hand pressure to effect a secure fix, but perhaps the most important benefit of all is that the finished sign is more aesthetically pleasing as the bond lines are thinner and thus much less obtrusive.

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