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Make light work

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Make light work


As a made-to-measure light panel, Applelec’s LED Light Sheet is used for a wide range of decorative light features and surface design installations.

From simple features, such as lighting photographs or panels with a stencil cut design, to larger and more complex installations, including light walls and building facades, LED Light Sheet provides real design versatility.

Especially useful for sign companies working with architects, or where projects involve interior or decoration, Applelec’s LED Light Sheet provides a uniquely bespoke lighting solution. What’s more, the product is supplied with all the essential certifications that such customers expect, including CE and RoHS accreditation, IP54 or IP67 rating, plus a three year warranty.’

LED-Light-Sheet-Product-Shots-2011-001Applelec has recently expanded options for the bespoke construction of LED Light Sheet to deliver the most adaptable flat light panel. For 8mm and 6mm deep LED Light Sheet panels, the range of white colour temperature LEDs now includes 2700, 3000, 3700, 4100, 5700 and 6500K options, whilst for retail projects, where colour rendering is high on the list of LED requirements, Applelec now offers 90 CRI LEDs in 3100, 4100 and 5200K. In addition, a10mm deep RGB LED Light Sheet that can be programmed by Applelec’s in-house electricians to run colour sequences or set to a specific colour, further increases the available construction possibilities.

In one recent project, Bluu Solutions created a colour-changing entrance tunnel in LED Light Sheet for design agency, Karmarama. The tunnel featured 40 individually programmed RGB LED Light Sheet panels that run a range of colour sequences at the touch of a button. In this installation, LED Light Sheet panels were visible, but more commonly, the product is used for backlighting and is ideal for the illumination of materials such as marble, onyx and patterned glass. Using illumination in this way helps to highlight subtle material details and to create emphasis and visual depth.


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