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Nazdar makes technical support even easier

Nazdar makes technical support even easier

Nazdar Ink Technologies is marking the ongoing success of InkAnswers with the launch of a brief new video explaining how this award-winning and completely free of charge  Q&A service works.

One of the ways Nazdar is working to provide the best technical support in the industry, Nazdar’s e-mail service helps inkjet, screen, and narrow web printers worldwide find solutions to their printing ink needs. A team of 22 ink technicians, scientists, and industry consultants fields questions regarding multiple print applications, including graphic screen, narrow web, inkjet, pad printing and more.

The diverse knowledge of the InkAnswers team enables it to quickly provide suggestions and/or product recommendations to most questions in less than an hour. 

Bruce Ridge, Director of Technical Service at Nazdar, explained: “Typical questions we receive are varied, wide-ranging, and span numerous print technologies. Common questions from users are for ink application recommendations, colour match formulas, and for regulatory documentation for specific inks.

“This service is designed to provide technical support to busy printers and distributors that would rather e-mail their questions from their phone or computer in order to receive a detailed response in writing (sometimes with attachments) that they can read at their convenience.”

For further information, view the new video online at:;


or e-mail any perplexing inks and coating questions to

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