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New instant-dry sublimation papers

Cham Paper Group is expanding its dye sublimation paper range with the addition of two new TRANSJET products, to fulfill the demand for papers with significantly enhanced drying properties, necessitated by the introduction of digital textile printers with speeds of 300 m2 per hour or more. 

TRANSJET Boost Xpress 8360 is an instant-dry paper with extra-high ink absorption capacity, which is available in sizes 90 g/m2 and 120 g/m2.

TRANSJET Boost NXT 8350, which offers ultra-fast ink absorption and enhanced colour release, features a special barrier coating that helps to reduce wet-cockling effects. Especially recommended for use with industrial high-speed printers, e such as the machines available from Reggiani Macchine, MS Printing Solutions or Mimaki, it is available in sizes 70 g/m2 and 130 g/m2

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