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A new look for Chiplite

A new look for Chiplite

Now an established and popular lighting solution for UK sign manufacturers, the Chiplite X-series of LED modules from the German company Majert have been optimised to dramatically increase the level of brightness achievable.

The modules use the latest generation of chips that enable commensurately lower energy costs. Contemporaneously, they are available with a five-year performance warranty and 24-hour delivery on bulk orders, with direct assistance on product specification to meet customers’ specific lighting requirements.

Available in a choice of eight modules, with or without special optics, to accommodate a wide range of both standard and more difficult-to-fit installations, the CL-X Series of LED modules have been tested and approved for use in the most extreme of temperatures (typically –40 up to +85 degrees C). They also carry the CE seal of approval, are RoHS certified and incorporate a new IP65-rated transparent housing for optimum safety and reliability.

The systems offer varying luminous flux, power consumption and optical efficiencies to accommodate virtually any light box or sign-lettering requirement, regardless of size and complexity. Of special interest to sign manufacturers is the CL-XM model. This has been developed specifically for difficult-to-fit corner or serif requirements, with the CL-XO version fitted with special optics that provide an extra-wide (up to 160 degrees) angle of radiation to enable use in light boxes with a very low depth (typically as small as 30mm).

Another important innovation for sign manufacturers is the CL-ELI module that has been developed especially for the illumination of double-sided light boxes. Due to its compact (43 x 36mm) size, the module can also be used in double-sided circular banners. Available as a soldered chain of 30 LED modules, the system’s intensity of illumination can be varied by either pushing the modules together or pulling them apart.

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