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Porsche Designer wins Weerg 3D printing project award

Porsche Designer wins Weerg 3D printing project award

Benjamin Nenert, designer and specialised technician of Porsche, is the winner of the 2019 edition of the Weerg 3D Printing Project Award, the social contest opened in early April.

Commenting on the result, Matteo Rigamonti, the founder of, the platform designed to offer CNC and 3D machining online, said: “Among the many nominations received on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we have chosen to award this project because it represents an example of simple creativity, as well as an intelligent integration of 3D and CNC technologies.”

Weerg Award, designed to promote a culture of innovation and experimentation in design manufacturing, has served to stimulate the imagination, as well as the competitiveness, of many users, including designers, engineers and specialised operators like Benjamin, who has already been using the platform for over a year to arrange work for its activities.

He said: “I discovered Weerg on Facebook and it’s a very innovative service. I used it several times to print in 3D, both prototypes and final products. The prices are competitive compared to traditional services and moreover, I really appreciate the online quote system in real time, its easeof use and the speed of delivery.”

Benjamin lives in France where he leads a double life. His main occupation is as a Porsche technician, specializing in diagnostics and important repairs of the newest Porsche models, while in his ‘free time’ he manages his own company, Ben Auto Design, which offers repair and refurbishment of vintage Porsches through design manufacturing of modernised components.

Benjamin’s 2019 Weerg Award winning project is a component of a 1983 Porsche engine that he is restoring. It’s the first time a piece like this has been made with 3D printing.

Benjamin explained: “It is a very important component because it allows you to extract more power from the engine by converting it to a more modern electronic management system. I could also have tried to modify the original part, but it would have taken a long time, with a very bad result for the performance I was aiming for. The 3D-printed part meets all the requirements I was looking for: perfect design, heat resistance up to 100 °C and sturdiness.”

He goes on to point out that the 3D Printing offered by Weerg has reached levels of quality that facilitate not only the prototyping but the industrialisation of parts that can be produced in series.

How will Benjamin use the €500 voucher from Weerg? The restoration of the Porsche 928 is a very long and ambitious project that will require, in addition to time, many small parts that Benjamin intends to design and then produce, using the additive manufacturing service of!

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