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Print On turns to DYSS to improve productivity

Print On turns to DYSS to improve productivity

Since its inception in 1995, Print On has evolved from a high-street photocopy shop to a digital print-on-demand company that produces everything from posters and signage through to pop-up banners, stationery, die cut boxes, PoS displays, FSDUs, acrylic boards and general large format print and finishing.

To support this growth, the Cheadle-based company has moved to a new purpose-built facility and filled it with the latest print and finishing technology, including a DYSS digital cutter from AG/CAD.

In 2015, the business invested in a Mimaki flatbed direct to substrate UV printer in order to expand its large format capabilities and enter new market segments. However, this meant that it had to hand cut large format sheets and boards, a laborious process that is open to human error.

Print On’s Managing Director, Alex Oldfield observed: “Although we had acquired the flatbed printer so that we could move into large format work, we found that without a cutting machine we often had to turn work away or subcontract it, especially if it involved challenging geometries and shapes. Accordingly, we started the hunt for a suitable digital cutter and, as soon as I saw the DYSS machine in action on AG/CAD’s stand at a trade show, I knew it was just what we needed.”

Print On opted for the DYSS X7-1624C with the Super Head configuration for the flexibility provided by the routing spindle and the two additional tool slots, which can accept a range of quick-change knife and creasing tools. In addition, the K-CUT Camera Vision System also offers unparalleled precision when cutting printed media.

The X7 has made a significant difference to the business, which now employs 11 people. Oldfield continued: “We now have the confidence to take on all types of work, regardless of material types or complexity, including that which we previously had to turn away. This has enabled us to diversify, while also increasing our turnover too. We are now also working with more print procurement companies, which is providing lots of new and exciting opportunities for us.”

This advent into new market segments is being aided by AG CAD’s KASEMAKE CAD software that was supplied with the DYSS machine.

Oldfield enthused; “We can now achieve more complex designs and are making headway with customers in the healthcare, leisure and retail sectors who require boxes, FSDU’s and PoS display projects.”

The business is currently split 50/50 between small and large format work and the DYSS has made an impact on both sides of the production line. Oldfield went on: “Previously, we were contracted to print and cut 1000 A3 sheets, which meant cutting a large sheet into 20 parts, labour intensive work that took up to four or five days to complete. However, with the DYSS, this can now be completed in less than a day. At the same time, our large format work can be processed at least 50 percent faster, thus helping us to streamline production and reduce lead times.”

Not yet quantified are the material cost savings at Print On, although Oldfield estimates that they will be significant: He said: “Before, we had considerable off-cuts and waste when hand-cutting boards, but KASEMAKE’s nesting facility means that we can get more parts from each sheet and use more of our off-cuts for future work. There has also been a commensurate reduction in human error and the waste that it creates. In the past, we would Javelin-cut large sheets and whilst this was efficient and relatively accurate, when you put two or three sheets beside each other, there would often be a slight variance, requiring secondary finishing at best, or re-printing and cutting at worst. However, this problem has now been eliminated as the precision and consistency of the DYSS X7-1624C is guaranteed.”

He concluded: “We are delighted with the benefits and opportunities that are now available and the longer we have the machine the more we appreciate the cost reduction and market potential it offers – from now on the sky really is the limit1”

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