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Pyramid Display Materials launches Envirobox

Pyramid Display Materials launches Envirobox

Pyramid Display Materials has launched a range of environmentally friendly products marketed under the Envirobox brand.

Envirobox, which comprises two product families, the FibrousFamily and the POLYLINEFamily, was launched at the recent POPAI sustainability event to members of the retail trade association, where attendees learned how the products had been created. The overriding message was that sign and display companies should always try and use a fibrous product in the first instance, but if a plastic has to be used it should be an easily recyclable polypropylene one.

The box contains 27 printed and shaped samples of each of the products, together with a printed brochure detailing all the main attributes of the range, plus recycling information.

Neil McCarthy, Pyramid Display Materials’ Head of Sales & Marketing explained: “We launched our first Environmental Choices range over 10 years ago, but as this launch coincided with the financial crisis, retailers lost interest in green issues while facing the numerous challenges associated with keeping their businesses up and running. However, 12 months ago, we decided that with public opinion now firmly focused on the war on plastic and a general improvement in the economy, we decided it was the right time to reinvigorate our environmental materials portfolio.”

New and unique products included in the range include All Weather Board and DISPA hanging signage board from the fibrous family and POLYLINEFoam, POLYLINEBubble, POLYLINEWave and POLYLINEFab from the polypropylene family.

 For further information on the Envirobox or any other Pyramid products, e-mail:

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