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Robotic LED Video Walls wow at GITEX

Robotic LED Video Walls wow at GITEX

 At the recent GITEX Technology Week 2018, which was held at Dubai World Trade Centre, Absen LED technology was deployed on the booths of two top global technology companies, Huawei and Etisalat, to highlight their latest innovations.

The Etisalat booth featured 3D robotic video walls, which added a completely new dimension to the content on display. The booth’s theme was focussed on ‘driving the digital future to empower societies’ and was built on the Etisalat’s vision to facilitate futuristic solutions and services that will have a fundamental impact on customers’ lives. To demonstrate the ‘future of mobility’, four moving LED walls, featuring 1,464 Absen D3V modules were installed around the booth centre. They comprised one 11m x 2.5m master screen at the head of the stand, two 6m x 5m screens on the sides and one 2m x 2m screen at the back. Each module on the screen moves independently, thus creating a multi-sensory 3D video experience for the audience.

Commenting on the installation, Jet Liu, the Absen Sales Manager involved in the visual design for the Etisalat booth, said: “After Etisalat shared their ideas with us at the end of last year, we started working towards an ideal custom LED solution. Meanwhile, we supported them with an Absen D3V demo so that they could test how the robots from different manufacturers work with our LED modules.”

Each LED module moves independently, creating multiple display surfaces, while LED modules are mounted individually to the robotic arms to create the desired movement effect. For the solution to work, the flat cables connecting the modules and power boxes had to be extended behind the arms and the hub boards also had to be redesigned to create enough space.

The product used in this case was one of Absen’s most successful rental ranges, the DV series. Featuring innovative Sidelock design, the DV series supports curved designs of -7.5° to +10° for optimum flexibility. Engineered to deliver the best balance of visual performance, ease of use, robustness and budgets, Absen’s DV series boasts is lightweight, quick to install, easy to maintain and delivers ultra-solid performance.

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