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Roll-ups with longevity

Roll-ups with longevity


Roll up banners are very popular with signmakers and their customers, thanks in part to the economical pricing of the hardware, but unfortunately, since the materials used have to endure repeated mechanical rolling, they often don’t achieve the same level of longevity.

This is a problem that Metamark seeks to redress with its new MD-RU500 Roll Up Banner Material, which in common with other materials from Metamark’s MD-Class portfolio of digital media, displays very high standards of resolution and a gamut wide enough to support the larger-than-life colours advertisers demand.

RollUpGolf-webThe material is highly compatible with modern inks and, in particular, eco-solvent ink, delivering an attractive satin-like texture that works well in any lighting conditions and really excels under directional LED lighting. What’s more, since it eliminates the need for lamination, the construction is less likely to come apart when subjected to mechanical stresses and thus is more able to survive being repeatedly flexed.

MD-RU500 is on the cool side of white and, according to Metamark, remains that way long after laminated constructions have become yellowed.

To suit the needs of available hardware, the material is supplied in 914mm rolls and is compatible with broadly available Roll-Up units including Metamark’s own. Once deployed, the material resists any tendency to curl toward its centre, even when it’s left extended for prolonged periods in changeable conditions. No special post-print processes are required, although Metamark advises that once printed, the material needs to cure for at least twenty four hours prior to use.

For FREE samples and information on special introductory pricing on a bundle including a number of quality stands e-mail Metamark at or visit:

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