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Rooms with a view

Rooms with a view

An exclusive, contemporary, new-build house project, entered into the Antalis Interior Design Awards for 2019, perfectly illustrates the versatility of Antalis’ Coala range of large format digital media together with the unique effects it can be used to create.

The owner of Sanctuary House in Devon, which has expansive views over an estuary and nature reserve, is a keen amateur photographer and art collector. He commissioned Rob Otton, Managing Director at Exeter-based Ashley House Printing Company, to create a decorative interior decoration that reflected both the surrounding environment and his interests.

Using scans of original artwork, Ashley House Printing’s design team carefully adapted the images to produce large wall graphics, which were applied to invisible doors and surrounding wall areas to create contemporary art features.

For the majority of doors, Rob selected Coala 2D Gloss laminate, printed in four colours, which were then laminated with Coala 2D matt laminate. For another feature door, Rob chose Coala 2D Gloss White vinyl, also printed in four colours, and laminated with Coala 2D matt laminate.

For the main entrance and stairwell of the house, inspiration came from the owner’s nature reserve photographs, with elements from different photos used to create a large frieze that adds texture to the bright and open space. The unusual effect was achieved by digitally cutting Coala Silky Wallcover Textile to create a relief image.

As well as delighting his client with the result, Rob explained that the project also gave the Ashley House team an opportunity to be a little more creative and experimental.

He said: “This was a very special project for an astonishing property. It really gave us the chance to show what we are capable of and to try some techniques with substrates that we hadn’t used before. Coala tends to be our go-to range for large format digital work and it certainly helped us to produce some outstanding décor for the client.

“This was our first domestic interior design project and is something we would certainly be very keen to repeat. The building’s architect was also ‘blown away’ by the designs and, as a result they are now looking to work with us to create similar graphic installations for future projects,”

Besides entering the Antalis Interior Design Awards, Sanctuary House is also in the running for a number of architectural awards too.

Katie Farr, Strategic Marketing Manager at Antalis, commented: “Sanctuary House is a wonderful example of how substrate development in the Coala range is working hand in hand with developments in technology to open up some exciting new business prospects for our customers, as well as some wonderful creative installations for their clients.”

The closing date for the Antalis Interior Design Award 2019 is 31st January 2020. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at FESPA in Madrid on 24th March.

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