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Sailing into the sign sector

Sailing into the sign sector

Although traditionally focused on the marine market, The Excellent Cutting Company is sailing into new territory, with an expansion into the sign and display sector.

Tom Schot, the owner of the company, believes that its ability to innovate is an attribute that will be valued across many different sectors. He said: “We can help anyone who needs precision cutting and work with our customers to provide solutions for all of their cutting needs, big or small!”

Based in The Netherlands, it invested in a Multi-Tech flatbed cutter from Blackman & White’s MasterCut range to help it get the most from the 3D scanning it introduced to replace manual measurements. With its laser cutting and ability to work on a diverse range of materials, it slotted perfectly into The Excellent Cutting Company’s ‘Total Concept’ production method, whichenables it  to take products right through from initial design to finished item. The strength of the concept lies in the interaction between three machines – the 3D scanner, a bending machine, and the MasterCut cutter.

ECC-Tom-SchotThe measurements are digitised and state-of-the-art software creates detailed cutting plans for the MasterCut, which can cut materials ranging from extremely thin up to a thickness of 12cm with either a knife or laser. The table is 12m long and has a 3.2m wide cutting width.

A camera scans the material prior to cutting and the proprietary software makes any adjustments necessary to guarantee extremely high accuracy.

Different knives can be used for different materials, but for The Excellent Cutting Company, the laser option, with its clean cutting action, was very important as it is often working with substrates that fray.

The bending machine provides the necessary finishing for bespoke frames, with materials including aluminium and steel being formed into the various shapes required.

Tom feels that his company’s investment in the MasterCut has given it a great advantage when servicing customers in the sign and display sectors, explaining:  “A flatbed cutter takes up a lot of room and not everyone will have space for it, which means we can help all companies to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced industry until such time as they are ready to make their own investment in a MasterCut cutter!

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