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A speedy solution

A speedy solution


Despite the increasing popularity of vehicle wraps, much digitally printed media is still destined for application to flat surfaces, but these often present their own challenges, especially when users are working at speed, as any air trapped under the graphic can make an unwelcome dent in a tight deadline.

However, Metamark claims to have the solution to this and other problems in the flat-graphics arena, with the launch of its new MD3A-B vinyl, which, as its name suggests is a derivative of popular Metamark MD3 range.

MD3A-B adds the benefit of Metamark’s MetaScape air exclusion technology to the company’s Apex adhesive, thus producing high performing value-oriented MD-Class media that practically applies itself to flat application expanses.

In addition,MD3A-B adds an opaque inclusion to the adhesive that minimises substrate-induced colour-casts finding a way into the print. This makes it the perfect choice for colour-critical jobs that benefit from the classic MD-Class colour pop, as colour fidelity is assured. Early users of the product have reported that the film also easily covers unsightly repair work prior to graphic application.

As with all MD-Class media, MD3A-B has cut generous profiles with high ink limits, thus liberating more of the printer’s colour gamut and taking full advantage of the polar-white face-film surface.  It produces equally good results when used in conjunction with all common ink technologies.

Sample rolls of MD3A-B are available for quality testing, by contacting for same day shipment.


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