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Subtle design, big impact

Subtle design, big impact

VW Transporters have attracted a cult following and they’re now a very common sight on British roads as they migrate, apparently as one, when the weekend arrives and the sun threatens.

Despite the fact they’re often seen in close company with others of their kind, each member of the collective usually succeeds in looking highly individual thanks to customisation by their owners.

One aspiring example recently made its way to D-Sign Studio’s new premises in Milford Haven in the hands of one of the company’s regular customers. The Transporter in question had been acquired as a project and the first step in its re-birth was to be a smart new livery.

The Transporter’s owner had ambitions that would see the vehicle wrapped up in a design that involved a chequered flag pattern. Jonathan Dudley and the team at D-Sign Studio proposed a design, but everyone agreed that it looked just a little too much, so the D-Sign team considered a new approach and happily, the reworked design was an instant hit.

The new design picks up on the chequered flag theme, but renders it in subtle colours that really work with the Transporter’s re-sprayed bodywork. The pattern appears to flow over the surface of the vehicle, influenced by its movement and aerodynamics. It is, quite simply, a winner.

D-Sign Studio’s customer is delighted with the result and the Transported itself now looks as individual as any other it’ll meet on its travels.

Metamark MD5 with its matching gloss laminate were the materials selected for the project and both have performed in characteristic fashion. Colour is faithfully rendered and the resolution lifts the design to its full potential.

Nice job D-Sign Studio. It’s one we’ll keep an eye open for.

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