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The sustainable substrate solution

The sustainable substrate solution


Amari Plastics has expanded its range of Green Cast acrylic products manufactured by Madreperla Spa in Milan, Italy, to offer a more sustainable sign and display substrate solution.

Green Cast, which has the distinct advantage of being as crystal clear as standard acrylic, is manufactured from 100 percent recycled acrylic materials at the Madreperla plant in Italy from scrap acrylic that is collected from Northern Italy and Southern Germany by licensed recycling companies and transported efficiently and economically in 20 Tonne loads to the Madreperla plant. Once there it is cleaned and sorted before being put through a unique and patented process to break the product back down to its constituent components to make fresh acrylic sheets.

It can be heated, polished, formed and printed in exactly the same way as virgin sheet, but because it can also be recycled at the end of its useful life it is a closed loop product.

vitrine Hermes 07Originally manufactured in a clear version from 3mm to 25mm thick sheets, the range now includes Opal and White opaque sheets, plus a full selection of more than 50 colours (although some are subject to minimum order quantities) in both opaque and translucent colours.
But perhaps the most exciting development is the fact that the Green Cast range has been further extended to mirror the Madreperla Satinglas range of frosted acrylic sheets, which is regularly used in the retail environment for POP/POS applications.

Satinglas acrylic sheets feature a frosted finish on either one or both sides, thus offering a greater level of scratch resistance and minimising the effect of dirt and greasy for added durability, Satinglas is available in clear, opal, white and opaque and transparent colours and now Green Cast’s own frosted range also combines these benefits with the sustainability benefits of the Green Cast sheet and is offered at a realistic price to encourage its use.

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