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Transparent LED displays extend advertising space

Transparent LED displays extend advertising space

Transparent LED displays from Crystal Display Systems are designed to convert a shopfront or atrium into a digital advertising space, whilst also allowing natural sunlight to flood into the building.

Using content delivered via a customised controller, the system also features a modular structure that enables it to be tailored to accommodate windows of all sizes and even atriumsthat span several floors.

The LED displays, which are available in several pixel pitches, enabling the viewing distance and content to be designed to suit the demands of individual locations and campaigns, are installed inside the store behind the existing glass. The modular LED arrays are built to a custom sub frame made from high quality aluminium and there are a wide variety of different mounting options, including freestanding, ceiling mounted, floor to ceiling braces and modular digital poster units that are suitable for use in smaller installations.


TLED Glass - crystal displays
models in action on TLED - crystal displays

Available in two brightness levels, 2500cd for use in indoor shopping malls and 6500cd for use with outdoor facing windows, the displays’ brightness is automatically adjusted by an optional ambient light sensor, which provides the optimum visual clarity in any light conditions.

In addition, Crystal Display Systems also offers a full outdoor version that can be externally mounted to enable an advertising campaign to span a building’s windows, without blocking out the passage of natural light for those working inside.  This display’s lightweight structure also makes both installation and structural reinforcement much easier too.

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