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Turning back time

Turning back time
A recent collaboration between a West Sussex-based primary school and two local companies has resulted in a spectacular celebration of history.

1348 Design was commissioned by the headmaster of Kingslea Primary School in Horsham to create a colourful timeline that all students, teachers and visitors to the school could engage with and enjoy.

The task was an onerous one, with 1348 Design having to capture hundreds of years, with the aim of highlighting important events at an international, national and local level.

Lead designer at 1348 Design, Carly Hacker (who is pictured above with Alexis Conway, Kingslea’s headmaster and some Kingslea pupils), explained: “We were really excited to be approached to work on such a novel project for a school, and we felt it was important to create something that could continue to grow as more events are added.

“The school supplied us with a grid of times with various key dates it was keen to have included, beginning with the Aboriginals in 63,000BC and ending with the Olympic Games that were hosted in London in 2012, which was no mean feat, but we were confident that we could fit everything into the designated space!

The designers set about creating a timeline that flowed effortlessly from the Stone Age, Iron Age and Romans via the Greeks, Vikings, Normans, Tudors and Stuarts, all the way up to the Windsors, with specified dates placed throughout.

Horsham appears around the year 947 with its first historical mention, then onto the heaviest hailstone ever recorded in 1958, and up to Kingslea Primary School being built in 2006.

To keep the timeline looking interesting and engaging for its young audience, bright colours were used and a simple colour code was devised to help them to understand where each event-related internationally, nationally and locally.

The final design, which was printed and installed by Horsham-based BEL Signs, features 24 large circles and 114 smaller ones along the timeline. It took BEL Signs’ two-man team two days to install the timeline in the school’s hall.

Headmaster, Alexis Conway, said: “We absolutely love the timeline and are delighted with both the creativity shown by 1348 Design and the skill of the BEL Signs team, who did a fantastic installation job!

Feedback from children and parents has been positive too, with one saying: “It’s brilliant, really clear and it brings the space to life, it’s great to see all of the different scales of history alongside each other and to understand how Horsham has evolved through the ages.”

The timeline ends in 2012, but the school has already asked the pupils if there is anything they would like to see added, so watch this space for more to come!

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