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Vism buys Service Graphics time

Vism buys Service Graphics time

Service Graphics has renewed its use of Vism’s project management software and installer apps for a second year, after its Swanley production site reaped the benefits of a more streamlined process for managing its installations.

Vism’s cloud-based software was designed specifically for use in the large format sign and graphics sectors and, Justin Richens, Production Manager at Service Graphics’ site in Swanley, South London, reported that since taking it on in 2018, the app has successfully transformed the company’s installation process as it offers a much smoother system for booking fitters and signing off completed work.

The Swanley site has a number of high profile clients operating across the events, exhibition, museum, luxury brand, sports and property industries, ranging from the World Duty Free shops in airports across the UK, to major sporting teams, including Arsenal and Millwall football clubs.

Justin explained: “We’ve just finished a project for Millwall, installing their outdoor signage, and we’re now sponsors of the team so it’s a great relationship. We also carry out trade work, producing smaller jobs, say a couple of A1s, through to hanging banners, building wraps and so on.

“We don’t have a team of in-house installers so we rely on freelancers, which ensures that we can use the best fitters for each application.”

The site, which has 15 staff, runs a 24-hour operation from 9am Monday morning through to 9am on Saturday.

Justin continued: “Here at Swanley, working under a production director, I don’t just deal with production, I also look after the building, plus the paperwork, including quotes and invoices, and I also have responsibility for meeting targets and everything else besides.”

It’s a busy role, so any time Justin can save on admin frees him up to focus on developing the business. He observed: “Time is critical in our industry and, as we use freelance fitters, we were having to make up to ten phone calls just to get someone booked in for a job. However, now we’re using Vism we can check everyone’s availability in a couple of clicks and share all the relevant information with those fitters that will do the work.

“Not only does this save us a lot of time, it helps fitters who can’t answer the phone because they are working out on site. They know that when they get a notification through, it’s just a single tap to let us know that they’re available.”

Another key feature for Justin is having all the information and files relating to each job saved in one place, so he can easily access any relevant details on each installation, such as location, time and date, RAMS, visual briefs, completion photos, client signature and so on. He confided that before using Vism it was difficult to gather all that information, but now every job is put on the app with a job number. so that anyone requiring any information can simply type in the job number and get everything they require.

As well as helping manage installations, Justin is also using Vism to manage deliveries. He explained: “We were forever having to chase for proofs of delivery from our drivers, so we now have them all on Vism, which enables them to access all the delivery information they need and the customer can simply sign the Vism app to acknowledge receipt.”

Dan Tyler, Managing Director of Vism, said: “A lot of our clients tend to be very innovative, which is why we are continually working with them to further develop Vism. Very often, a feature specifically requested by one user can be implemented at little or no cost to them as it benefits our other customers too. For example, Justin adapted the way he used the software to incorporate deliveries, and now with some minor modifications, we’ve been able to create that delivery functionality properly and make it available to everyone.”

One of the most important benefits of using Vism is that it makes it easy to send clients photos once a job is complete. Justin confirmed: “Previously, we often had to chase the installers for completion photos; now they simply take the photos in the app, get the customer to sign-off on the phone screen and I get a notification. I can choose which photos to share with our customer and in two clicks they get an e-mail and they can view both the photos and signature on our online Vism customer portal, which makes life easier for everyone.”

This more efficient processing of photos is especially important for the team’s trade clients. Justin added: “It’s crucial that we send photos and signatures as soon as possible to our trade customers who are not on site, because their client will contact them requesting pictures.”

Justin added: “To begin with,I was quite skeptical as to whether Vism would be a benefit us, but as soon as I started working with it I realised how much it could do.”

Alan Rigglesford, Managing Director at Service Graphics – Swanley agreed. He said: “Our industry relies on fast turnarounds, professional installation and great customer service, and Vism helps us deliver precisely that. We’re very happy with the impact it has had on our processes; the more efficient we can be, the more we can focus on areas where we can add real value, such as developing new business and driving sales.”

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For further information on Vism, contact Dan Tyler on Telephone 0203 026 3593 or

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