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Weerg offers deferred payments

Weerg offers deferred payments

Weerg, the Italian e-commerce platform that offers CNC machining and 3D printing online, has introduced a totally new financial service for the sector, in the form of the ‘Wallet’, which is comparable to a rechargeable credit card with no expiry date, which Weerg users can easily use online.

Already widely used in e-commerce, both in B2B portals, such as websites selling photographic images, and in B2C by companies such as Amazon, this new tool ensures maximum security and enables users to quickly and easily make online payments. In addition, in the formula proposed by Weerg, shopping with a Wallet allows users to access special discounts and especially deferred payments, even for orders of a few euros.

Matteo Rigamonti, Weerg’s founder, explained: “Paying over an extended time period has always been an established practice for companies accustomed to moving in the offline world and particularly in many conservative and traditionalist markets, such as mechanical engineering. For this reason, we too have received numerous requests from customers regarding the possibility of deferring payments on our platform.

“We have evaluated several options to satisfy this request and the electronic wallet seemed to us the best solution, in line with our tech-company ethos.”

Available online since November last, Weerg’s electronic wallet has already been enthusiastically received.

Rigamonti continued: “Even though it is a totally new tool for most of our customers, many of them immediately took advantage of it, by starting to charge much higher amounts than we expected and also to take advantage of the extra-credit benefit.”

The Wallet further enhances the exclusive value-added services that distinguish the shopping experience on, which begin with an online quotes calculator. The result of an exclusive, top-secret, proprietary IT project, the Weerg quote calculator ensures incomparable levels of accuracy and enables to the user to see in real-time, which parts of the item being made cost the most so that they have the opportunity to optimise the project before placing an order.

Rigamonti concluded: “With Weerg we provide customers operating in the mechanical engineering and 3D printing sectors with benefits that were not previously available – namely price transparency, speed of execution, the certainty of delivery and now deferred payments too!”

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