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WOO to unveil new audience measurement initiative

WOO to unveil new audience measurement initiative
Audience delivery is critical for the development and trading of all media, with credible, transparent and accountable measurement required by advertisers, buyers and sellers alike. Accordingly, the World Out of Home Organization is set to unveil its ‘Creating Global Guidelines for Out of Home Audience Measurement’ initiative at its European Forum on May 18th.

Neil Eddleston of Runor Data Consulting, a world leading OOH audience measurement expert, will chair the project. Eddleston chaired the original ESOMAR Technical Committee, which created the Global OOH guidelines in 2009. The updated guidelines will be developed on behalf of WOO by industry specialist Gideon Adey of the GUROOH consultancy.

WOO is the only global organisation for the collaboration, development and promotion of OOH media. It has formed a Technical Committee to include the leading independent OOH audience measurement bodies from 13 countries, across six continents, alongside four leading international OOH businesses.

The new guidelines will update OOH Audience measurement for the current and future OOH marketplace; provide a framework for the measurement of digital OOH; address the creation of audience data for automated trading; and the development of cross-media measurement techniques.

Eddleston said: “It’s vital that the OOH industry continues the development of world-class audience measurement to compete with other data-heavy media for local and global ad spending. Out of Home has an amazing record of delivering excellent results for advertisers but we need the up-to-date ammunition to make our case most effectively.”

The European Forum will be free to all WOO members, but non-members will also be able to register for €150 Euros.

For further information on the Congress and to Register, visit:

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